Congress Chair's Message




It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the 1st International Endodontic congress in Dhaka, Bangladesh on january 13,2018.

These three days congress is inviting world class international speakers & integrating intensive workshops.We plan that this meeting will be the biggest in SOUTH ASIA.

We are desperate that we will be able to make this conference a very special & memorable event.The conference will pointed on new aspects & current updates in the fields of endodontics.The scientifics sessions of the conference will be dominated by scientific data from renowned speakers.This will be benificial for both endodontists & general practitioners.We hope that endodontists from South Asia area & globally share in this unique event to gain various knowledge in different aspects of endodontics.  

I sincerely hope you will enjoy the programme and I wish you all the best.

Thank you.
Congress Chair
Congress Co-Chair's Message


On behalf of organizing committee, I am greatly honored and pleased to welcome you all to the 1st International Endodontic congress in Dhaka, Bangladesh on january 13, 2018 & Workshops.

The 3-day conference will feature a unique and dynamic educational experience in dental field with special lectures and educational & scientific sessions containing hands on workshops.

It will offer a platform to learn and exchange ideas with a host of internationally renowned speakers participating in a cutting edge scientific program. It will definitely offer you valuable opportunities to learn and exchange the latest advancements in dental science while creating institutional or personal networks for future collaborations.

Please join me in thanking the members of the Organizing Committee who energetically accepted a workload with a lot of enthusiasm. They were engaged in not only the early brainstorming sessions and reaching out to speakers, but formally accepted the duties preparing the scientific program, arranging for the event, and acting as hosts during this meeting to ensure the success of this conference and fulfilling our ambitious goals.

Lastly, I look forward to your participation in the conference and strongly encourage you to take advantage of the presence of exhibiting companies to keep up to date with evolving technologies of equipment and the latest dental materials.

Congress Co-Chair's Message



It’s with much pride that I invite all dentists worldwide interested in the field of endodontics, and endodontists to the 1st International Endodontic Congress in Dhaka, Bangladesh on January 13, 2018.

The Congress host, Bangladesh Endodontic Society, has a most enthusiastic and esteemed Organising Committee chaired by Professor Osman Ghani Khan, with Professor Ali Asgor Morol and Dr. Mohd. Atoar Rahman .The Congress will feature renowned international speakers, both clinicians and researchers, and introduce the emerging endodontic stars from various countries, ensuring a stimulating, varied and enriching program to benefit all delegates.

By participating in this Endodontic Congress, you will be at the forefront of world endodontic practice. However, this is also a rare opportunity for you and your family to engage with the warm, welcoming hospitality of the Bangladeshi people, their age-old customs and fascinating history. The Congress venue, Radisson Blu Water Garden, is the testament to Dhaka’s commitment to providing state of the art facilities. By staying a little longer, you can further expand your horizon. Our country's serenely beautiful countryside awaits to share with you her wonderful cuisine and wealth of culture. An opportunity too good to miss.

The 1st International Endodontic Congress promises to inspire you, update your endodontic knowledge and hone your endodontic skills. It shall also be a life experience that you will very fondly remember – however, only if you are there!

So, I very much look forward to sharing the wonderful experiences of this Congress with you in Dhaka, January 2018.

Congress Mem. Sec.'s Message


With my warmest greetings!


Let me take this wonderful opportunity to welcome all our local and foreign delegates to our 1st International Endodontic Congress in 13th january, 2018 on Dhaka,Bangladesh.

Ethics and Professionalism play very important roles in the fast-changing world of dental technology and we would like to integrate these in the various lectures and researches to be presented in the conference. We have gathered the best speakers from various fields of dental practice to enable us to become better clinicians towards an improved dental practice.

I assure everyone that together with the Organizing Committee and other, we will harness our best efforts to ensure that the event will leave them not only a fruitful and rewarding experience worth their time and resources but also a lasting and cherished memory.

We encourage you to register and be with us as we embark on professional development as we simultaneously experience the hospitality and rich culture of the Bangladesh.

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