The Bangladesh Endodontic Society (BES) was established in 2003. The BES is now governed by an executive committee consists of President, Professor Dr. Md. Osman Ghani Khan; General Secretary, Professor Dr. Md. Shamsul Alam; Treasurer, Dr. Mujibur Rahman Howlader.

The BES is a vibrant and dynamic organization that has 24 executive committee members and 127 life members updated on 11th October 2017.


The BES is developing a number of exciting initiatives, including:

  • Achieving specialist status for Endodontics in Bangladesh.
  • Developing requirements for specialist status for individuals.
  • Enhancing its communication with the profession, with dental companies.
  • Promoting education and scholarship within the speciality of Endodontology for the benefit of patients, dentists and students.
  • Ensuring that it adopts best practice in terms of its governance arrangements.
  • Investing in research and the support of young research workers.
  • Enhancing further the BES biennial congresses.
  • Optimizing clinical care for patients.
  • Promoting standards in Undergraduate education.