Dr. S. Sai Kalyan


Dr. S. Sai Kalyan M.D.S( Cons and Endodontics)

 A S S T . P R O F E S S O R R U R A L D E N T A L C O L L E G E

P I M S , L O N I A H M E D N A G A R D I S T R I C T   M A H A R A S H T R A - P I N : 4 1 3 7 3 6



Dept. of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

Rural Dental College Pravara Institute of Medical



Research based logical teaching

  • 10 years of experience inthe field of Conservative dentistryand Endodontics
  • Knowledge of Indiandental markets
  • Experience in CPD/CDE


Academician, research scholar and teacher with interests in interactive learning and continued professional development strategies. Involved in various research programmes at the Pravara Institute of medical sciences (University) with special interest in the areas of regenerative Endodontics, Bonding and Cariology


Past Experience(10 years)

Lecturer, Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

Worked as a lecturer from 2002-2008 at various dental institutes

2008-2011, postgraduate training at PIMS,  Loni

2011-till date, Asst .Professor at Rural dental College, PIMS, Loni.


Pursued under graduation from S.D.M. College of Dental Sciences, a premier institute for dental education in India.

Post-Graduation (M. D. S. Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics) from Rural dental College, Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences, Loni, an Institute of excellence in Maharashtra, India.

Registered for Ph. D with research emphasis on Endodontic biofilm eradication


Research interests

Regenerative strategies in pulpal disease (recent article, Second- generation platelet concentrate (PRF) as a pulpotomy medicament in a permanent molar with pulpitis, International Endodontic Journal, 45, 105–112, 2012)

Remineralisation Strategies with special emphasis on Novamin And Caesin derivatives

Endodontic Biofilms and their disruption using PAD

Nanomaterial  Science  and   their   applications  as   endodontic medicaments.

MMP   and   bonding   with   special   emphasis   on   CHX   and Tetracycline


Memberships / Editorial Commitments:

Member of the editorial board, Journal of conservative dentistry Reviewer, Journal of Dental & Allied Sciences

Secretary, institutional ethical Committee, Rural Dental college Member, Internal quality Assurance Cell, Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences



  • Published reports on Second-generation platelet concentrate (PRF) as a pulpotomy medicament in a permanent molar with pulpitis:acase report.,in IEJ, 45, 105–112, 2012
  • Pulblished article on dens invaginatus , titled ” Dens Invaginatus: A Case Report”, Compendium, volume 34,Issue 3,March 2013
  • Pulblished article on Fracture Fragment reattachment, titled ” Use of Ribbond and Panavia F cement in reattaching fractured tooth fragments of vital maxillary anterior teeth”in Contemporary Clinical Dentistry,478-480, volume 3, Issue 4,2012.
  • Pulblished article on Habit breaking appliance for multiple corrections, Case Rep Dent. 2013;2013:647649. DOI: 10.1155/2013/647649. Epub 2013 Oct
  • Article on Regenerative Strategies in Endodontics, IDRR, June 2013,

vol:10 Issue :13

  • Non Surgical management of external root resorption, Journal of Dental Herald (April 2014, Issue:2, :1).
  • Surmounting The Endodontic Biofilms: The Nano Way, Journal of Dental Herald (April 2014, Issue:2, :1).
  • Clinical selection of Portland cement derived bioactive restorative material,vol8, issue 10 IDRR, June
  • Clinical guidelines for assessing post requirements ad post selection, vol8, issue 11, IDRR, July
  • In-office bleaching:older concept, newer perspective : Famdent, vol 15,

Issue 1, 2014.

D R . S. S A I K L A Y A N ,

A S S T . P R O F E S S O R , R U R A L D E N T A L C O L L E G E , P I M S , L O N I , D T .

A H M E D N A G A R , M A H A R A S H T RA - P I N : 4 1 3 7 3 6

s _ s a i k a l y a n @ r e d i f f m a i l . c o m


Worshops/ guest lectures:

  • Conducted workshop on Regenerative Endodontics at Central India conference “Endomeet” Nagpur, Feb 2012
  • Conducted workshop on Regenerative Endodontics at All-India PG convention in Kasauli, April
  • Conducted workshop on Regenerative Endodontics at World Dental

conference, Mumbai,7th oct,2012

  • Workshop and lecture on Regenerative endodontics at IDA Indore
  • Guest lecture at M.A.Rangoonwala Dental College on January 3rd 2013
  • Workshop and lectures on Direct restorations and regenerative endodontics at Kerala state dental conference at Lulu convention centre Trissur, Jan 10-13, 2013
  • Guest lecture on Post and Core at Famdent, Mumbai,8 June 2013
  • Workshop on regenerative endodontics at PG convention, Dharwad (7June 2013)
  • Lecture and workshop on endodontic repair management at Delhi Dental show, July 2013
  • Lecture on regenerative endodontics at IDRR conference, Bangalore, July 2013
  • Workshop on Regenerative endodontics at The Naval Institute of Dental Sciences,Mumbai ,August 18th ,2013
  • Workshop on Regenerative endodontics at K.M. Shah Dental College, Sumandeep University, Vadodara, Gujarat, August 24th,25th,2013.
  • Regenerative Symposium, World Dental Show, Mumbai, Oct 4-6,2013.
  • Regeneration workshop At IACDE conferece,Hyderabad,Nov 14- 17,2013.
  • Webinar and Regenerative symposium at VSPM Dental College,

Nagpur, Nov 28, 2013

  • Guest Speaker and Workshop Co-ordinator at Scientific symposium At Rural Dental College,Feb 10-13, 2014
  • Lecture on Endodontic repair at Famdent, Mumbai, 23-25 May,2014
  • Invited speaker at international dental students conclave , indore aug, 2- 3, 2014(Bioactive restorative materials).



W O R K P L A C E :

A S S T . P R O F E S S O R , R U R A L D E N T A L C O L L E G E , P I M S , L O N I , D T .

A H M E D N A G A R , M A H A R A S H T RA - P I N : 4 1 3 7 3 6

s _ s a i k a l y a n @ r e d i f f m a i l . c o m

Seminar Topic

Topic: Endodontic Procedure Made Simple From Access Opening to 3D Obturations.

Advances in endodontics has fundamentally changed our practice and resulted in reliable, efficient, fast and predictable endodontic care. This lecture will change the way you practice dentistry.

The course will enhance on your current knowledge and skills while giving you opportunities to upgrade with the current start of the art endodontic technologies.

You will learn how to achieve predictable results through enhanced skills in access opening diagnostic testing, rotary instrumentation and obturation.

You will learn how to safely and efficiently:

  • Achieve Straight line access.
  • Perform diagnostic testing using various modalities
  • Identify the level of difficulty for your endodontic cases.
  • Determine the appropriate treatment plan.
  • Understand the biologic principles and shape and clean the root canal space using NiTi instruments with revolutionary adaptive motions
  • Select and apply appropriate 3D obturation techniques using thermoplasticed gutta-percha
  • Incorporate contemporary endodontic techniques into your everyday practice