Dr Amit Gulati


He is a BDS& MDS in Periodontics from University of Mumbai. He took up advanced trainings in Implantology, Osseous Regeneration, Perio-Plastic Surgery& Sinus Grafting at University of Hamburg, Germany and  Advanced Prosthodontic & Surgical training  under eminent clinicians in Germany. Trained in DSD under Dr Christian Coachman.He is a Diplomate of Indian Society of Oral Implantologists (ISOI) and a Fellow of International Congress of Oral Implantology (ICOI). He is also an Associate Fellow of World Clinical Laser Institute (WCLI). Over 15 years inAesthetic& Implant practice, he’s made numerous scientific presentations at various national & international conferences, in addition to conducting implant & aesthetic training programs nationally & overseas. Besides being a consultant to some top notch clinics, he runs a busy practice in an upmarket location in Mumbai with special emphasis on Implantology, Aesthetics, Periodontics and Oral Rehabilitation. He’s a passionate teacher & talks extensively on implant & aesthetic dentistry and with some like minded colleagues runs an academy by the name of Synqronize. 

Seminar Topic

Aesthetic Rehabilitation with Directs

            Aesthetic Dentistry has evolved leaps & bounds in last couple years, not only in terms of  restorative & lab technology but also in the techniques to achieve that ultimate aesthetic outcome. New age composite resins have narrowed down the gap between the direct & indirect restorations when it comes to aesthetic finesse &  longevity of the treatment outcome.Composite resins empower the clinician to manage complex aesthetic  situations in a minimally invasive way and the newer techniques offer a much more control in establishing the aesthetic and functional harmony.

                        This talk will cover a range of topics with respect to managing rehabs in the aesthetic zone, especially material selection, shade & colour play, layering techniques, approach to establish macro & micro anatomy, developing characterizations and finishing & polishing protocols to achieve life like aesthetics. This presentation  will also throw some light on managing pink aesthetics with simple, non-invasive techniques & the use of pink composites to enhance the final aesthetic result.